Music meditation 6:10 to 6:30 First Friday at St James Cathedral

Adolfo Meijía Navarro: Bambuco Mark Hilliard Wilson

After having a great time talking with the erudite and charming Sean McClean at K.I.N.G. F.M. I was asked if I had a piece I'd like to share, and Sean and his cohorts at K.I.N.G.  and K.E. X. P. created this wonderful document of one of my favorite pieces by the Columbian composer Adolfo  Navarro.


The very first Guitar Orchestra I conducted and organized was for the 1999 Seattle Classic Guitar Society Holiday concert.  It's now been about 60 plus workshops and 180 concerts across the Pacific Northwest from cafe's to Benaroya's concert halls to retirement homes to the Northwest Folklife Festival. Find out more on the Guitar orchestra section of this website.


I've been writing music since I started playing in 1983, but really only getting a couple of things on the page until about 2000, which was when I started the Guitar Orchestra of Seattle.  Since then I have written and arranged over 70 pieces for guitar quartet and guitar orchestra.  Here is one of my favorites.  there are more notes on the link in YOUTUBE, if you are interested. 


Another one of the great joys I have had over the last 25 years here in Seattle is making music with Sarah Bassingthwaighte, an impeccable musician, that always inspires me with thoughtful interpretations and an ability to have fun with the music.

Volver by Carlos Gardel w/ Mirta Wymerszberg & mark h wilson

 I had recently made a few arrangements of Astor Piazzolla's music and wanted to broaden my understanding of the tango.   Mirta became and unbelievable mentor in my study.  This is a glimpse of a concert we did in 2017 at the Folklife festival in Seattle, Washington at the Seattle Center

Campo Afuera by Edgardo Donato

Stuart Zoebel and I have been meeting a few days a week over the last year or so to play tangos or choros, two genre that he is a master in. He is a constant inspiration in conversation and in making music due to his expertise, and incredibly good nature.  We should have so much more evidence of our playing, but it seems that despite the hundreds of hours of playing we have no evidence due to the fun starting and we forget to capture anything