Music meditation 6:10 to 6:30 First Friday at St James Cathedral

In Támara de Campos outside of Church of San Hipólito el Real, along the Camino de Compostela

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Following Dreams

Music has always been everything to me, whether the barrel organs I heard in my childhood in Holland or the symphony orchestras in Washington DC or the country bands in Weiser, Idaho

Directing the festival Guitar Orchestra at the 25th annual Northwest Guitar Festival.

Living a Life of Music

I'm lucky to have had so much support from my parents and teachers along the way, and now colleagues and arts organizations, and festivals

basking in the glow of the suns painting of the inside of La Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona, Spain

Join me in travel, whether in the guitar studio or on a guitar tour of Catalonia, Spain

I continue to study and embrace the wonder of new places and the creativity of the wonderful artists of every stripe in the world.


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